Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Meeting

It started out as a normal car ride home from church this past Sunday afternoon.
We let the kids know that when we got home, we'd be having a family meeting.  This is not a new thing for us...but what followed was not at all predicted or expected. There was no pause...the questions came a rapid fire pace!

"Are we moving?" - No
"Is someone dead or dieing?" - NO
"Are we getting a new pet?" - No
"Is someone moving in?" - No, our rooms are all occupied.
"Are we adopting? - No, not unless God does some amazing and completely GOD things!
"Is someone moving near us?" - No
That was when I looked at Matt and said "This isn't gonna be nearly as bad as I thought if this is the list they've dreamed up - in less than 30 seconds!  That's when they said "it must be really bad"

Our big news, at 9am this morning we had the cable tv disconnected, and we will not be tuning back in any time soon. The motivating factor - money.  We'll save almost $100 a month...don't even get me started about Mediacom.  The kids took the news with style.  We talked about our family schedule the next 3 or 4 months.  We talked about some Wilson house projects we'd like to get done.  We talked about what else we can do with that time. We talked about reading, and game nights, and movie nights, and family devotions that we take turns leading. And then we went on with our day.  The earth kept spinning. That was yesterday. Today when they get home there will be no TV (we don't have the antenna hooked up yet). And tonight when the only show I actually watch on TV is playing - I WILL NOT POUT!  Be a lead from the front kind of lady...put on my big girl panties...yada yada yada. But this morning  there was a little pouting...on the inside!

But without fail, in God's true coolness way, He gave me this verse in our time together - Turn my eyes from worthless things,and give me life through your word.  Psalms 119:37.

Thanks God.  Thanks for reminding me to not hold to tight to the stuff that doesn't matter at all. The only thing that really matters is you God. Ok - I'll be a big girl, but mostly I'll be your girl.

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