Saturday, April 7, 2012

8 Simple Words

Psalms 46:10  Be still and know that I am God.

Stop. Be quiet. Turn of the noise. No radio. No TV. No Computer. No Kids. No husband.  No thinking ahead about the next thing.  Clear my mind. Not thinking about the friend that needs a phone call, the bills or the schedule,  the illness, the diagnosis, the fear. RELAX.  Settle in. Get comfortable. Don't plan - just BE.   God, you know that I am not by nature still.  This is the way you made me. I multitask. I manage my time - which is code for I live by a schedule. I live with people. My name is sometimes mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor, volunteer, team member, leader, student and/or teacher.  Simply put I just don't have the time to be still.  And thus I disobey you God - but the simpler word is sin.

Be sure. Believe. Accept as ultimate, unchanging TRUTH. Don't doubt. Don't use words like timing, fate, coincidence, luck or karma.  I doubt. I second guess. I don't understand. I plan, sometimes without even thing about let alone talking with you first. Again, sin.

"I " as in GOD.  Not me, not the church, not the government. Not my family or my friends. Not the expectations that others have for me or the expectations that I have for myself. Not my schedule. Not my education or my profession. Not my talent. Not my bank account. Not my hobbies. Not my sports teams. Not even my "ministries."  Well now it's just getting down right personal.  Man God, who do you think you are?  Oh wait...the better question is really "who do I really think you are?"

Creator. Begining and End.. King of Kings. Lord of Lords.  Redeemer. Justifier. Saviour. Friend. 
I'm sorry I stole your glory. I'm sorry I robbed you of your praise.

Eight Simple Words.  Yet when I live this truth instead of just reading it, then these simple words change everything!

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