Friday, August 24, 2012

Worthy of My Worship

Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high because he has known my name. 
 Psalms 91:14

So I was working on something totally different this morning and smack dab in the middle of that, God put this verse from Psalms 91. I am pretty sure it was just for me. I am pretty sure it was His little way of saying "Hey! Remember me? Remember what I asked you to do?" God's cool like that :-)

So here is the "new" or rather very "old" name of God for the day. Jehovah Elohim. From what I have gleaned it's a plural title for God. It references the Trinity, and this name for God is used over 2500 times in the Old Testament - so clearly it was and is pretty important. It's a title that carries with it the meaning of God's divine majesty and worthiness of worship and praise. It sets God the Creator apart from and superior to all other false gods. It emphasises God's un-ending power, His limitless strength and His unwavering faithfulness through out time and for all of time.

That's a lot to chew on.

Divine majesty and worthy of worship and praise. Above all false gods. How does that play out in my everyday life?

To worship is to attribute worth/value and praise. God is worthy of worship. He expects it and He isn't happy with me when I don't honor that. And worship is all about God and not at all about me. It's not about the music, or the seating arrangement; and it's not about checking church off my list.  Do I study His word - not just read it? Do I obey? Is my prayer time filled with praise or is it just my limited vision wish list? Do I know my place as His follower and His place as my leader? 'Cause the leader sets the tone, makes the plan and is the one who is actually in charge. Is my prayer intentional and specific? Is worship what I do from time to time, or how I live from day to day?

And what about false gods?  Is there room in my calender for what God wants to do? Is the yard work, or the fishing trip or the weekend softball/football/baseball/basketball/wrestling/soccer tournament really more important than the time that God expects for me to set aside to honor Him? Is the overtime really more important than the Bible Study Group? Is finishing the scrapbook page, the words with friends game or the next chapter in that great book I am reading really more important than investing in the lives of my husband, my children and the people God has planted in my life? Why is Sunday morning the only "me day" I have to sleep in? Do I protect the special time that God has called me to set aside for HIM as fiercely as I protect my me time, my hobby time, my NFL/MLB/NBA time, my workout time or my just relax and do nothing time?

OUCH - now I know why it wanted to not study this name, and I think I know why God prompted me to.

You alone are worthy of my worship and my praise. Whisper in my ear when false idols try to lure me away from you.

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