Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Most Loved

Jehovah-Elyon = The Lord God Most High; supreme and sovereign God; most loved God; being above all others in in character, importance, excellence and authority.

This name demands my praise.
In the Old Testament, when this name was used it showed Gods power and complete authority over all pagan gods. This name of God was used when His people obeyed and accomplished tasks and victories that could only be attributed to His power and authority.

Sometimes I face struggles that are bigger than me; financial stress, marriage stress, health issues, kids that are growing up way to fast. Some days it feels as if everyone wants a piece of my time, my attention - even my soul; there are days when even in the midst of my best effort I am acutely aware of how what I have to offer is so much less than what is needed. It makes feel like I am being wrapped up in a blanket of impossibilities drowning in the sea of the unachievable. There are days when I feel like God is too busy or too far or too quiet to really understand what's happening in my little world.  This is when I am tempted to trust in myself, my understanding, my plan. These are days when I want to walk forward and hope that God will catch up with me later. And I have. And it was bad.

These are the days when rather than do what my old nature dictates, I must instead call on and cling to my Jehovah Elyon. For He is "supreme and sovereign" - His word is the last word and it is always right. He is "most loved God" - He must be the one thing I love most, I love best, and I love with every part of me. He is "above all others in character, importance, excellence and authority" - He speaks it into being and it is. When I struggle with my will, when I am tempted to chase after all those things that are less than God's perfect will for me, these are the times when I will call on Jehovah Elyon and He will hear me.

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