Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When I don't know how to pray...

Some days life is just overwhelming. Bills, Work, Church, Family, Friends. Mean People. Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kids in Elementary School, in Middle School, in High School and College. Children who are adults but sometimes don't embrace it at all. Grandchildren. Retirement. Aging Parents. Illness, Injury, Death. Life just comes fast some days.

Today in Ladies Bible Study we will be looking at John 11 - the death and resurrection of Lazarus. But our focus will be on the sisters. Martha: a passionate little fire ball. You know her and you love her ... she's the hostess with the mostest that we all want to be, and she has that little hint of OCD that personally resonates with me! I think Martha was the oldest daughter. Mary: a woman of less words for sure. More contemplative, soaking up the details of the moment and highly sensitive to the moving and prompting of the spirit. Mary was the younger sister for sure - less consumed with the "details of daily living" that her big sis just naturally addressed.

In their moment of tragedy each woman responds to her loss and to her Savior in unique fashion. They had choices to make regarding what would come next. Life happened. It was hard. It hurt. Now what? Every day I have a choice to make too. What am I going to do with the things that this day gives to me? How will I soak it up and how will I respond? 

Some days are just beyond words. Sometimes I don't even know what to pray or where to start. How can I know what to pray for when I struggle to process the moment? 

Judicii tui est, non praesumptionis meae—I leave it to thy judgment, not to my presumption.—Aug. in locum. When we know not what to pray for, it is our comfort that the great Intercessor knows what to ask for us, and is always heard. - Matthew Henry

What great peace this simple truth provides!
I don't have to have the perfect words or the perfect idea's.
I just need to rely on my perfect God.

I don't have the words today God, but I trust that You know my heart. I trust that You know what's best. Even tho it's scary - today I chose to trust. Amen.

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