Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Ladies of Luke - May It Be...

I am the Lord's servant - Mary answered - May it be to me as you have said.  
Luke 1:38

A quick break down of how I read Luke 1:22-55.
Mary. A young girl pledged to be married to a man that the reader can presume based on the tradition of the culture was older (vs 27). She was a young woman (probably in her mid to late teens) who had both sought after God and was treasured by the people she did life with every day (vs 28). She was visited by an angel (vs 26) and God was with her (vs 28). When God's plan began to be reveled in her life, Mary was afraid and she had doubts. She didn't really understand how it was going to all work out (vs 29-33). Mary wasn't afraid to ask God questions (vs 34) and in the midst of complete uncertainty Mary was still faithful and obedient to God's purpose and plan (vs38). Mary went to spend some time with someone she loved and trusted and even while she was in the middle of a situation that she never planned to be in, Mary offered up praise to God (vs 39-55). She was humble even as God used her.

Mary. Mother of God. Favored by God and man. How is she relevant to me?
Well let's see. Mary had a nice little plan and then God stepped in and did His "I have something better" thing. God had a plan for Mary that she had probably never dreamed of for herself. The people around her probably didn't understand. She probably faced some opposition, some judgement and maybe a bit of criticism too. She had a "God what are you talking about" moment. There were details that only God could work out. Mary sought out a trusted Godly friend in her life that offered her support. God's plan was for God's glory and not hers, and in the center of chaos Mary offered up to God songs of praise.

So it turns out that maybe Mary and I have a bit more in common than I had realized at first glance. At this point she was young, but Mary has a lot to teach me, and I have a lot to learn. I think my biggest take away this morning is Luke 1:38 I am the Lord's servant ... may it be to me as you have said. WOW! What obedience. What mature faith.

Is that how I live out my faith today? Am I the Lord's servant? Do I represent His will, His purpose, His plan? When I am living my Trisha life and doing my Trisha thing, am I willing to boldly obey and say may it be to me as you have said?

Today Lord, help me to live out Luke 1:38. Amen

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