Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hey Now, Don't Judge Me by my Flip Flops!

It's been another crazy upside down week.

It's November, well actually now it is Dec, but the weather seems more like early fall or mid spring. Mornings have been chilly, but afternoons just keep getting better and better. Today we may hit 65! So what's a simple girl to do when the weather goes warming sideways in what should be a cold and cruel time of year? Well this girl dug out her capri's and cute flip flops and painted up her toes cute as could be - then headed out into the world for 3 full days of appointments :-) There were puzzled looks, and even a few questioning comments. I'd just smile and say "Hey, don't toes wont see the sun again for another four long months." Usually we'd both laugh and move on to whatever business needed to be settled.

On Saturday I had the privilege of going with our oldest son for a follow up college visit. It was a great day for a visit with more beautiful weather as a special little gift from God. I had on jeans and open toed platform strappy shoes with a cute little red short sleeve sweater. I looked and can confirm with great confidence that my toes were the cutes ones there. Again, several times I was asked about my shoe selection for "this time of year" and again I simply smiled and replied, "Hey don't toes wont see the sun again for another four long months." We would laugh and then return to the fun of watching our kids continuing to explore the possibilities of college life.

At the end of the day the two of us loaded back into the car and headed back to the highway for the 150 mile drive home. We stopped along the way at a random Walmart to pick up a few things I would need for church the next morning. As we were standing in the line to check out, I discovered that the bag of cookies I was holding to purchase had been opened and mostly eaten :-( Who does that? I was ticked. My son offered to run back and get me an unopened bag while I continue to wait in the line. So off he went and there I stood - stewing and waiting in the slowest check out line ever in the history of Walmart.  The cashier seemed nice enough, though she didn't chat at all with her customers. And the customers were pleasant too, though none were in any kind of hurry to be anyplace but there. Then it happened, just as my cashier was about to start my order, another cashier came buy for something. My lady said to this other employee as she walked past "Hey did you here about 'so-and so' in the fabric and craft depart? She is gonna retire at the end of the week! She's retiring?" The other woman said back flatly "yeah, I know." My cashier blurted out, "but she's retiring! She's not much older than me and she's retiring! Must be nice. What's up with that anyway?" What happened next was quick, but I am glad I didn't miss it. The lady she was speaking to stopped, and I mean completely stopped, looked her straight in the eyes and said "she has lung cancer, she's dieing." Then she turned on her heal and walked away.


How many times have I done that too.
I know a piece of the story. I see things from afar. I think I am smarter than I actually am, only to discover how little I know or truly understand.

Heart check in the middle of Walmart - ok God. I'm listening...

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